Dec 5, 2011


STOP Harper's C10 Crime Bill Petition:
Click NOW or NEVER

Public pressure pushed back and stalled these corporate profit prisons once. We can do it again.

Stop the Crimebill Petition : 459,915 messages sent and counting.
-Send an urgent message to your province’s Senators, asking them to rise above partisan politics, look at the evidence, and make Canada safer, not meaner. link

109,411 signatures and counting.
Stop the Crime Bill Petition Sign Online
We must insist that our public servants do what is best for the citizens of Canada and not some private prison developer. As a private corporation, crime does pay if the collateral damage is "just" the Canadian constitution. Please sign the petition above to add your voice to the hundreds of thousands to stop Harper's cruel crime bill.  link

During a time in Canada when the crime rates are the LOWEST since 1970 Harper cuts social and public serves while investing taxpayers money in more in jails. $20 000 000 000 of taxpayers money just to build the jails Canada currently does not need... privatized prisons... harsher youth sentencing... cuts to public services... sounds like more private returns with the ultimate public liability... sound lucrative for someone who has no soul. What other reason could there be for these diabolical actions?

Texas tried it... cost billions... crime grew... switched to reform and treatment... saved billions. Texas gov. wrote Harper to tell him the error of this bill as did many of our public servants here in Canada
I'm starting to wonder if our "leader's" head is right.

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Stop the Crime Bill Petition   459,915 signatures and counting online petition 1
-Send an urgent message to your province’s Senators, asking them to rise above partisan politics, look at the evidence, and make Canada safer, not meaner.
Stop Harper's Cruel Crime Bill 109 000+ signatures and counting online petition 2  Source
70% of incarcerations are addiction or mental health related in Canada while a disproportionate number are First Nations. Texas learned the hard way... $billions for incarceration replaced with $millions for treatment, while creating a productive society instead of perpetuating more crime. Two provinces have refused to pay for Harper's new toy. Now his own constituents are voicing their concern: Source 
Open Media petitions stopped him once. Freedom of information in Canada is being threatened. 123000+ signatures and counting: "I oppose any provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement that would expand the power of conglomerates, including by criminalizing or otherwise restricting the use of the Internet. I oppose an online environment that lets big media conglomerates invade my privacy, remove online content on demand, saddle me with heavy fines, or terminate my access to the Internet." 
" it’s not regulators or the government that want to close the Internet in Canada. Rather, it’s the lobbying arms of big corporations that push for policies that favour their own narrow interests."
Stop Canada's Harper Government Unwarranted Online Spying
51,468 signatures and counting: 
Corporate Profit Prisons Mr. (had his come-up-ins in the tarsands) Harper shows his true colours:  Enbridge executive’s company awarded first crime Bill C-10 $38.5-million prison project
Our Government no longer represents the Canadian People but Corporate Interests. CETA is a prime example of this. See posts below. RCMP, Scientists, Media, MP's gagged by our Harper Government... working on the www. what next? Harper muzzles scientists once again: The Harper Government imposes indefinite gag order on public domain scientists.Source  Source
The same people who incited a State review for scandal, misinformation and conflict of interest associated with the Keystone XL pipeline are directly connected to the Harper Government: Source
Canada's Energy Minister is paid off by 
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, followed by the Oil Sands Developers Group and companies like Shell and Enbridge to the tune of $180 000. Source

Stephan Harper renames the Government of Canada the Harper Government and then denies it.Source

Canada's Harper Government uses obstruction of justice as a systematic tool to disrupt our democracy.
Government Watchdogs Fired or Forced Out by Prime Minister Harper 
Lying is Now a Legitimate Government Practice
Conservatives call opponents supporters and lie to them. Then are allowed to do so because they were merely "spreading a rumour". Rather than being held accountable,
Canadians were told that lying is vital free speech – and must be protected, not prevented, by our laws.
Harper Government Wants Limitless Online Surveillance
"Canada’s privacy commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, along with every provincial privacy commissioner in the country, sent Public Safety Canada a letter expressing their concerns about the lawful access bill. Namely, they didn’t see any need for it" Source
Accountability, truth, democracy and humanity are now stripped from Canadian politics. Blind faith is all that's left, since every other Canadian institution is quickly being stripped away. Source 
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Nov 16, 2011

Occupy Movement Explained - Yes, Even in Canada

Canada's Occupy Protests have as much validity, if not more than the US. Gap between rich and poor growing faster in Canada than in U.S.

Shame on Canada
The disparity between rich and poor is growing faster in Canada than the US, eating up the middle class. BC has the fast growing child poverty rates in the country, while the best paid CEOs earn of 155% more than average wage.

The 1% Hit The Middle Class Hard
"In 2004, the average earnings of the richest 10% of Canada’s families raising children was 82 times that earned by the poorest 10% of Canada’s families. That is approaching triple the ratio of 1976, which was around 31 times. The after-tax income gap has never been this high in at least 30 years, and it has been growing faster than ever since the late 1990s."

58% of Canadians Support the Occupy Movement Source
Statistically the tipping point for knowledge to become general knowledge is only 10%. As the Occupy movement enters it's 3rd month more people become aware of the atrocities our governments endorse on behalf of private gains of a very few. (search:147 companies Own the World) Teachers Support Occupy Vancouver Source

Fixing our Broken System Behind the Numbers by CCPA:

Green Party Supports Occupy Canada
When interview for "Oh Canada - The Movie". Green Party's Elizabeth May was the only one (including our finance minister) who knew how our convoluted phoney monetary system works (or doesn't work) when asked "where does our money come from?".

CETA a Bad Deal
10 Reasons Why CETA is BAD: Video
Over 80 European and Canadian organizations demand an end to CETA - Canada-EU free-trade talks Source This agreement would reinforce intellectual property rights (IPR) at the expense of food sovereignty and the right to health, jeopardize cultural diversity, weaken social, environmental and health regulations, harm the regulatory powers of state, provincial, municipal and local authorities, uncontrolled liberalization and privatization of services, open public markets in Canada at every level of the government and enabling transnational corporations to sue states if they consider some of their laws as a threat whereas they have in fact been enacted to protect the public interest.
Poverty is increasing in Canada at an alarming rate. Corporatism is not capitalism, and it's not working. Source Eroding Tax Fairness Source and colonizing the globe in the 21st century are the cause of our current global catastrophe.
Harper's answer? Cut Sell off Canada to corps... Build more jails. SourcePoll: Should Ottawa reimburse the provinces for the cost of its crime legislation? 70% Oppose Harper's Crime Bill:  Source
Canada's Banks Got Bailed Out Too
Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper stated that Canada was in a much better economic situation than the US and we didn't bailout our banks with taxpayers money. When a First Nations community need fresh water and disease control.... the Canadian, uh, Harper Government's answer was slop buckets and body bags. Source
But yet Harper gives $125 billion to banks in "not a bailout". Yes $125 000 000 000.
" minister described as "not a bailout" but a "market transaction."

Source What has happened to our Canada?
Canada's Harper Government gives Banks $125 billion in Bailouts:
Per Capita Canada's Bank Bailout is the Same as the US,8599,1880327,00.html

End to Poverty? The Movie
A Solution: Instead of pandering to huge corporations, shifting 1% of Canadians’ collective after-tax income to the 1 in 10 Canadians living in low income would eliminate poverty in Canada. Source
147 Companies Own the World
Naming Names: Source:
The Rich and the Rest of US.Our worlds population is becoming a slave nation to the .001%. (See 147 companies own the world) and are extorting every last ounce of will, health and money from the rest of the world. (see post below) Blinded by main stream media, fear and fatigue, just getting by while unknowingly endorsing the beast that continues to bleed them dry.

Corporatism is Killing Us
As our world leaders pander to these few corporate tyrants, humanity suffers.
From industrial waste flouride in our water to the GMO foods causing illness, to repressing technology and the cure for disease, our governments are doing the bidding of a few special interests at the cost of our entire planet.

Ask the 1% Why is our World in Economic Crisis?
"Between 1947 and 1979, productivity in the US rose by 119%, while the income of the bottom fifth of the population rose by 122%. But from 1979 to 2009, productivity rose by 80%, while the income of the bottom fifth fell by 4%. In roughly the same period, the income of the top 1% rose by 270%.

Debt by Design: "The debt crisis in Greece and Italy presents itself as an opportunity for the Global Elite to gain an even tighter grip on the economies of every country". Video

1 000 000 Americans embrace Bank Transfer Day.
In September and October 1 million US citizens moved their money out of private banks for Bank Transfer day costing big banks trillions. Since learning our gov and the Royal Bank paid shareholders for Enbridge oil spills in the US, our "ethical banks" don't seem so ethical, just more private gains and public liability. 
The G20 is funded by banks and corps, this devastation will only go on unless we are the change. Source
Get Banks and Corporations out of the G20
G20 Sponsored by Corporations and Banks
452 000+ signatures and counting

The disparity of the rich and poor / middle class has pushed the 99% up against the wall. Even a single cell organism bands together to fight when it's survival is threatened. (Also see CETA below) The current Global Occupy movement spans every continent. Avaaz has 500 000 signatures in support of the worldwide Occupy Wall Street movement.

Canada is Now a Dictatorship
The Harper government officially becomes a dictatorship. First he changes the name of the Canadian Government to the Harper Government. (see below) Now that our MPs are not allowed to ask a question that has not been officially preauthorize by Harper in the Legislation.
(156 opposition MPs declared the government to be in contempt of Parliament) Source Our very democracy is at risk.This last example cuts directly to the core of our health, science and technology future in Canada.  

Canada's Harper government has created a deep breach of communication between federal scientists and the Canadian public. With the ‘media relation process’ Scientists are no longer being allowed to openly talk to the media about their work. Source
Freedom of Information and Human Rights destroyed in Canada
Silencing Dissent: The Conservative Record Source
98% of Canadians polled want to end the prohibition of cure for cancer. Source

Government's Corporate Interests Cause Death in Canada
Cure for Cancer Silenced by Canada
. As Breast Cancer Awareness Month gets underway. The Canadian Government allows Big Pharmaceutical to silence the cure for cancer in Canada because there is no money in it. (Also See CTV)

This Year Share the Cure.
♥ Let's make the cure for cancer go viral. ♥
Share the Cure for Cancer: Video Clip - News - Cure for Cancer & Alzheimer's Gov. says No money, no go. See below: Harper's proposed Crime Bill would see tougher sentencing on marihuana than sex offenders. 98% of Canadians polled want to end the prohibition of cure for cancer. Source
2 Movie - Run From the Cure (Canada silences the Cure for Cancer)

3 Documentary - The origins of prohibition, sustainable fuel, industry, construction fiber, and your health:

4 Google:
Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and E-mail the cure for cancer. As freedom of information is now at risk, now is the only time we must mandate the cure for cancer. 
Movie Time: The Beautiful Truth
The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.
 Movie Time - Double Bill - Food Matters
Food Matters sets about uncovering the trillion dollar worldwide 'sickness industry' and gives people some scientifically verifiable solutions for overcoming illness naturally.
Canada's Crime Budge
Harper has budgeted HUGE growth in Corrections!? His Crime Bill hasn't even passed yet and crime rates are dropping in Canada!?

"80-90% of offenders in some institutions are addicts (mostly to alcohol), and up to 40% have mental illnesses." Where is the budget for mental health or harm reduction?
Harper Damaging our Democracy Weakening our Economy Source
 Countries with the best Quality of Life Index are also the country with the most liberal drug treatment programs. Go figure.

Stop Harper's Crime Bill Petition
Click for your freedoms.106 000+ signatures and counting to stop Harper's Crime Bill.
(In the past year, a petition of 70 000 forced revisions regarding his online spying components as Harper stated on a news clip "circumstances dictate") Even the Texas Governor wrote Harper warning him of the consequences of this crime bill.
Petition Stop Harper's Crime Bill C10
Texas Wrote Canada to Warn of Crime Bill Consequences
"Instead of spending $2-billion on additional prisons to accommodate new criminals, Texas spent a meager $300-million expanding drug treatment programs, mental health centres, probation services, and community supervision for prisoners out on parole—and it worked."..."Harper is threatening to self-destruct all the progress Canada has made in the last 50 years" Source

The Harper Government Want to Spy on Canadians without Warrant
The Harper Government is trying to push through a set of electronic surveillance laws that will invade your privacy and cost you money. The plan is to force every phone and Internet provider to allow "authorities" to collect the private information of any Canadian, at any time, without a warrant. 
Petition: Stop Online Spying Petition With 70 000 signatures against online spying Harper stated that "circumstances dictate" the removal of the online spying elements of his proposed crime bill, yet this is still on the table: 
Small Victory: The same site received 500 000 signatures against big corporations forcing usage based billing of smaller companies.The people trumped corporate tyranny, safeguarding your rights as Canadians to affordable internet access with a Stop the Meter Petition. See we can make a difference when we care to. 
People have the Power
Keystone XL pipeline delayed due to environmental concerns, conflict of interest and corruption allegations. Members of the senate are also under review regarding possible conflict of interest and false reports. Hundreds of thousands signed petitions, 13 000 people rallied at the White House to stop the Keystone XL pipeline and against this poster-child of corruption bringing to light the underhanded dealing of big corporations and our governments shill-like behavior regarding our futures. Once again, freedom of information on the web was a catalyst to bringing these secret dealing into the light and in-turn giving citizens a voice.
State Dept. Inspector General Will Review Tar Sands Pipeline
Nov 8th 2011

More Keystone XL corruption scandal and links to petitions:
Obama appoints Transcanada oil lobbyist to senior advisory position
Source1  Source2
13 Democrats seek an investigation into the State Department's environmental review of the project. Source 
Corporate Tyranny in our Food
Do we want big corporations like Monsanto ruling our food and land? Monsanto already hold a key FDA position in the US. Hundreds of thousands of deaths in India have been attributed to Monsanto. Mutated crops are being found in countries who have rejected the sterile genetically modified round up ready patented crops of Monsanto. The tyranny of corporatism does not end at our oil industry in Canada. Currently Canadian farmers are fighting to stop Harper from destroying their Wheat Board:
Democracy and Freedom of Speech are no longer Canadian Standards
"President of the Canadian Wheat Board stated that a dual marketing system would be "as wrong as it is un-Canadian" and could harm the ability of Western Canadian farmers "to deliver the world-class grain for which we are known." That same month, the Board was faced with a “gag order” from the federal government, which was later found to be unconstitutional by the federal court." Source.
Harper's Dictatorship Knows no Bounds
Wheat board Supporters send 27,000 protest messages: Source
Harper Government Hoarding Wheat Board Funds
$60 000 000 of wheat boards funds. Want to raise hording cap to 200 million to fund private interests. Source
Today The Harper Governement forced the closure of Canada's Wheat Board, despite massive opposition from farmers and citizens. In a fair and just society, farmers would have been given a vote. Canadian farmers should have been given the choice.Source
Will this action going to open the floodgates for Monsanto's patented sterile "round up ready" genetically engineered "food" to contaminate everything and make corporate slaves out of all our farmers. They did it in the US and India and will do it here. Entire countries are standing up against this abomination, but our "leader" is corporate shill as they have proven time and time again.

Information is Power
Youtube Avaaz and Wikileaks have been a fundamental tools in giving the global community the knowledge to empower ourselves and take back the reins of our own lives, planet and rights. Now the US wants to destroy it. Lobbyists with ties to the House have proposed a $850 000 budget to attack or discredit Occupy Wall Street. Source As the 1% see the world waking to their tyranny, your freedom of information is now at risk. 

Your Freedom of Information at Risk: 
The World Wide Web has been an invaluable tool in empowering nations. The sharing of information and has only recently become a staple in the freedom of information to the entire world. With the truth at our fingertips, we as a global society have gained the power to be informed. This has given us the opportunity to empower ourselves and our fellow man by not endorsing the tyranny of the wanton corporatism worldwide that is compromising our very lives and to make accountable our public servants to the people they represent.

Lobbyist ask for $850 000 to Discredit Occupy
Do you think if they throw enough money on it, the cat get back in the bag? No amount of money or bullying can hide what the .001% are doing to humanity and our planet.

Washington lobbying firm with ties to the financial industry has proposed an $850,000 plan to discredit Occupy Wall Street and the politicians who support it. Quote: “A big challenge is to demonstrate that these companies still have political strength and that making them a political target will carry a severe political cost.” Exactly the point of Occupy, no?
Abuse of copyright laws used to censor information on the web. Source

Right now, the US Congress is debating a law that would give them the power to censor the world's Internet -- creating a blacklist that targets Youtube, Wikileaks and even Avaaz! Now if we stand with key members of the US Congress, we can defeat this global Internet censorship. Sign the petition! Petition

US Congress held hearings on the first American Internet censorship system.This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same.Join all of us to stop this bill." Source

We Just Delivered 500k Anti-Censorship Signatures: Email Congress As Blacklist Bill Has Hearing

Petitions: Save Our Internet from Corporate Tyranny
Save our Internet 786 000+ signatures and counting.
Protect the First Amendment - Don't let them outlaw WikiLeaks!
Protect Julian Assange from being extradited
Stop Online Spying by Government

Now is the only time to use our voice, or we may loose the ability. We can make a difference when we care to. We stand at a pinacal of our history and the future of our entire planet is at stake. It is all our choices now. Do we continue to feed the beast, or do we stand up for the people and practices that will begin to heal our broken system. It is time to remove the shackles of the working slave and end the tyranny of corporatism.

Oct 24, 2011

Keystone XL Pipeline Biggest Tar Sands Protest in History

Keystone XL Pipeline Review Raise More Concerns
More pro-pipeline bias and conflict of interest found - “The further evidence of collaboration between State Department officials and TransCanada that these documents provide should disqualify the unrepentant State Department from playing any role in the new environmental review," Source

Hillary Clinton's State Department Oil Services & Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
by Mark Fiore

Petition: Tell TransCanada: Stop threatening the property of landowners for your dirty, unapproved pipeline. Petition: US only
"Even though TransCanada doesn't have a presidential permit to build the pipeline, the company has been threatening to confiscate properties like this from people.."

TransCanada Lobbying Keystone XL Pipeline Half a Million
Lobbyists for TransCanada and the Keystone XL Tar Sands / Oil Sands Pipeline, who have have direct ties to the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton,
spent $540 000 in the 3rd quarter lobbying the State and citizens.  Source

 Update: "Fortunately, our Keystone XL campaign has also shown us that democracy and the right to protest our government can be a path toward accomplishing goals: Just last week, President Obama announced his administration’s decision to delay the permit process for the Keystone XL project and seek a new environmental impact review. This could force the administration to realize what we already know: that the Keystone XL is not in our national interest." Source 

No Keystone XL No Pipeline No Enbridge, No TarSands Expansion!
The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu along with seven other Nobel Peace Prize winners wrote a letter to the president asking that he block the pipeline. 1253 arrested Source
12,000 pipeline protesters circle White House to protest Keystone XL

Largest Tar Sands Protest in History
From The Sierra Club November 6th The White House 2pm
We need to send President Obama a message he can't ignore about tar sands. On November 6th, the Sierra Club is gathering with allies from around the country to encircle the White House and rally against tar sands.
Sign up here to join our effort to convince the President that tar sands are a huge mistake. We'll send additional details and information about the DC event and how you can help make it a huge success over the coming weeks. Click link for details:

State impact review for Keystone XL Pipeline FLAWED

Tar Sands PR Wizard Ezra Levant spins tar sands crude as “ethical oil” like his tobacco lobbyist days.
With claims of the Non-Profit: Ethical Oil being 100 percent independent of government and industry" the Co. shares the exact mailing address of a prominent tar sands law firm known to be a major client of Keystone:
Obama hires another ex-oil lobbyist as a senior adviser:

No Keystone Pipeline No Tar Sands Protest

From Tarsands Action:
On Sunday November 6 the Tar Sands Action will return to Washington DC to send an unmistakable message to the President. Exactly one year before the election, we want to encircle the whole White House to ask President Obama to reject Keystone XL and live up to his promise to free us from the tyranny of oil. In doing so, we want to remind him of the power of the movement that he rode to the White House in 2008. This is bigger than any one person - President or no - and we will carry on, with or without him.

No Tarsands Pipeline Petitions

Sign ups and Rally Dates 5000 people have already signed up
Update: Over 10000 people gathered at the White House to protest the Keystone XL Transcanada Pipeline.

Pipeline Used Substandard Steel:

Pipeline Made in India:

Giant Loophole in the hearings of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline sends 10000 public statements into a virtual blackhole.  No one is obligated to "look" at them, if they choose.
.. "The State Department has lost tens of thousands of submissions and cannot say how the remainder will be handled or will influence the pending decision."

Oil Spill | Factbox: A Year Of Canadian Oil Pipeline Ruptures
Enbridge, Keystone, Kinder Morgan Transcanada tote Safe Pipelines?
If only follow the facts, the existence of many leaks over the last year should trump all the bells, whistles and bullying and corruption these self interested oil tycoons can muster.

Transcanada tries to destroy State environmental concerns as unconstitutional

State Departments to review Keystone XL

"...The inspector general's review will be widespread, involving several State Department bureaus and officials "

Fact Check: Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Isn’t A Job Creator

.."Pipeline could actually cost jobs by hurting the development of alternative energy and allowing for the export of oil from the Midwest and driving up the cost of gasoline in that region."

"By repeating inflated numbers, the supporters of KXL approval are doing an injustice to the American public in that expectations are raised for jobs that simply cannot be met. These numbers —hundreds of thousands of jobs!—then get packaged as if KXL were a major jobs program capable of registering some kind of significant impact on unemployment levels and the overall economy. This is plainly untrue."

Oct 23, 2011

Why Occupy 1500 Cities Occupy for Real Democracy, Equality, Justice, Peace.

1700 cities worldwide are Occupying. All our political "leaders" make promises never kept, always at the detriment to the people they serve. The problem goes beyond the parties and politicians, it's the system that is protested. All our politicians are in the pocket of a few elite who own, lobby, litigate, bully and bribe their way into every element of our lives. Even single cell organisms unite and fight for survival when their species is threatened.

From what banks have done to the people of the US, to Monsanto's global destruction, to the big oil companies with private profits and public liability. 20 years of litigation was the answer to First Nations dieing downstream from the tar-sands. Average earner salary has dropped while the 1% has made 300% profits in the last 10 years. Our public servants serve these Corps. with bias data, subsidies, lobbyists, litigation and bias media. It's profit for very few, to the huge detriment of every aspects of all our lives. After 9 "secret meetings", presently our Harper Gov. wants to sell our water,  education, health, food, public services, energy,etc... with "CETA" trade deal. Our current monetary systems are broken with virtual bank money being paid back with real money and real interest by real people.

Over 1700 cities worldwide are currently in "Occupation" to bring to light these issues and demand better of the "system" and "leaders".
From what I gather. ;^)

Here is the video I filmed of David Suzuki Speaking at Occupy Vancouver on Oct 22 2011

Support Material to facts added to this video:

David Suzuki speaks at Occupy Montreal:

ALL of Canada For Sale
All of Canada will be for sale if Harper has his way with the EU trade deal.
CETA will give EU corps the right to sue Canadian governments if they try to interfere with their "right to profit" above the citizens rights.
C.E.T.A support material:

Free-trade agreement between the European Union and Canada: October 2011

147 Companies Control the World!

Environment Canada's insufficient funding to monitor our markets.

Clean energy Jobs see significant job growth:
Solar PV rapidly becoming the cheapest option to generate electricity:
China has no need for Transcanada Pipeline:
China has alternative energy sources in the works. No need for TransCanada pipeline through our Great Bear Rain Forest to BC's west coast.

Harper government fights EU clean fuel:
Canadian government lobby against the European Union's proposed clean fuel legislation:
EU passes clean energy legislation despite Canada's 110  lobby oil sands (tar sands) meeting to stop clean energy legislation:

Canada's Full Tar Sands Lobby Report: 

Unsubstantiated grossly inflated Oil Industry Jobs:
With grossly inflated unsubstantiated job numbers, environmental assessments done by paid advisers.

Inequality and Elitism Rampant:
Income drops for lowest earners while to Corporation make 300% profits:

Sick citizens are good for the economy: 

A balanced taxation system would fund education, health, infrastructure, environmental concerns etc:

Private returns with Public Liabilities:

Monsanto GMO foods cause illness and destroy natural farms and ecology:
Stephan Harper, son-of-a oil baron:

The government also blacked out sections of the email that refer to its "communications" strategy for oilsands issues.:

No Keystone XL / Transcanada Pipelines Data, documents, arcticles, petitions and videos:

Tar Sands Scam: 5,000 Jobs Over 3 Years:

Keystone XL pipeline impact review for the State was a "Major Client" of TransCanada:

Grossly inflated unsubstantiated job numbers, environmental assessments done by paid advisers.
Cardno Entrix, environmental contractor worked on projects with TransCanada and describes the pipeline company as a “major client” in its marketing materials.":

State impact review FLAWED:
Tar Sands PR Wizard Ezra Levant spins tar sands crude as “ethical oil” like his tobacco lobbyist days.
With claims of Ethical Oil being 100 percent independent of government and industry" the Co. shares the exact mailing address of a prominent tar sands law firm known to be a major client of Keystone:

Three U.N. bodies have told TransCanada to cease and desist and respect international covenants as they relate to human rights violations in their own country:

TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline Assessments Are Misleading and based on faulty information: Also see post below regarding Keystone XL.
20 years of litigation was our governments answer to the contaminating and poisoning of The Lupicon Cree Tribe downstream from the tarsands. Amnesty is now involved 

Oil Unions Say Cut The Keystone Pipeline:

Update: Keystone XL Pipeline Under Review.
...documents via the Freedom of Information Act that indicate department officials allowed bias, lobbyist influence and conflicts of interest to corrupt the review process, resulting in an environmental impacts assessment that independent experts said was deeply flawed. A review in now pending
12 000 people rallied at the White House to protest the Keystone XL and expansion of the Alberta Oil Sands (Tar Sands)
Call for an investigation of the State Department's tar sands scandal. Join congressional leaders in calling for an independent investigation of the State Department's tar sands scandal.
Update: Harper Government Unprecidented Lobying against EU Clean Fuel Legislation fails, EU impliments clean energy legislation despite the Canadian governments 110 "tar sands lobbying" meetings

Our Public and Private CEOs Payouts
Nothing can justify these inequalities!
CEO of Hydro leaves to work with mogul Jimmy Pattison after cutting 1000 jobs in 18 months:
Parkinson was the highest-paid public sector worker in Ontario, with a salary of more than $1.6 million. He took a $3-million severance package when he resigned.
Hydro CEOs receive massive payouts.
Salary and Bonuses of Hydro CEOs:
Hydro CEO salary of $2 200 000 year received $6 000 000 severance package.
Alberta Health Board squanders millions for payouts.
Chief executive officers in Calgary and Edmonton were paid $4 to $1.5 million in severance each. Jack Davis former CEO Calgary Health Region received $1.7 million severance and $4.028 million supplemental executive retirement plan."

Harper Squanders Canadians Pensions
Canadian Pensions pay for EU Shopping Mall:
Harper Government uses Canadian's Pension Plan to buy 25%
of London's newest Mega-Mall, Westfield Stratford City.

China is one of the largest investors of clean energy within China. China has bought  2.2 billion dollars for Canadian oil companies: Update:11/16/2011  $15 billion

Community Living BC, a Public company CLBC doles out $300 000 in bonuses while they cut special needs funding in BC.

Enbridge covers it's 800 000 gallon pipeline oil spill with sand, nets with grass and calls it cleaned up.800 000 gallon pipeline oil spills "Cleaned Up" with basically AstroTurf and sand:
Update:11/16/2011 Spill now estimated at 1 100 000 gallons of oil spilled into the Kalamazoo River.

Even a simple bottle of water consumes 1/3 of it's contents in fossil fuels to get into your hand.
Hyde Creek Educational Center & Salmon Hatchery.

If our system was a fair and just, people would have a choice. This small shift in investing back into society could correct most injustices.

Private returns for public liabilities. ; )

GMO in our Foods
Monsanto GMO lab rats saw intestinal bleeding, reproductive and behavioral disorders within 10 days of eating this patented "Foods". GM "foods" studies with rats caused major compromises to the digestive tract including tumors and bleeding (instantly corrected once GM food was removed) Reproductive function of rats was mutated within 10 days. In hamsters, by the 3rd generation, all offspring were sterile when fed Monsanto GM foods. Most people don't know what they are eating in North America were the GM foods are not labelled. The UK must label the GM foods. Making it a consumer choice should be mandatory.
Too many links to post (google search: Monsanto lab rat results):

More Monsanto Horrors:

GM Genocide
Hundreds of thousands of suicides in India are being attributed to the destruction of Monsanto:

Damage of Monsanto GMO to DNA due to the process of creating a genetically modified organism is far more extensive than previously thought.... Some contamination from field trials may last for centuries.
The trouble with Monsanto and GMO – Dr David Suzuki spells it out

Cure for Cancer Blocked by Big Pharmaceutical
At least three possible cures for cancer silenced. Canada blocks a cure for cancer for profit. "Big Pharma can't allow cancer or any other disease to be cured because they will lose their business of drugs, pills and all the illness.."

Man uses oil to cure cancer, cannabis oil shrinks and destroys cancer cells and promotes healthy cell growth.
Another cancer cure is illegal:

Our Broken Monetary System, Banks lend virtual money and are paid real money and real interest by the people: See: Oh Canada - The Movie: 

Harper's Crime Bill
With the lowest rates of crime in Canada's history, the Harper Government is fast-tracking a new Crime Bill to toughen laws & build jails.
Even Texas thinks it's a bad idea, and they know . 
Update:11/16/2011 Harper has budgeted HUGE growth in Corrections!? His Crime Bill hasn't even passed yet and crime rates are dropping in Canada!?

Stop Harper's Crime Bill:
100 000+ signatures and counting
Sign the Petition:
Just learned MP can't even ask Harper a question in parliament unless it is first submitted for approval by Harper. MPs appealed the new rules but lost. This is a dictator no?In a press release last spring, Harper said "Circumstances Dictate" that the online spying elements be removed from the proposed crime bill. The "circumstance" was a 70 000 signature petition: But yet the Canada still needs to defend it's freedoms. 
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Information is Power. Youtube Avaaz and Wikileaks have been a fundamental tools in giving the global community the knowledge to empower ourselves and take back the reins of our own lives, planet and rights. Click for freedom of information. 635 000 signatures and counting Save the Internet Petition: it's peak over 2400 cities were in occupation worldwide in solidarity.

G20 Sponsored by Corporations and Banks
Our public representatives need to do their job. Globally, the corporate shill of government we all have needs a reality check. When pharmaceutical company's profits legally silence the cure for cancer, and the private gains of a few oil tycoons or Monsanto shareholders trumps human life (including Canada) our government's agenda no longer represents the people. When our MP can no longer speak without first being approved by Harper in parliament, this is no longer a democracy. This is a tyranical dictatorship.

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Our leaders - The G20 is  the most powerful summit of world governments. Who is sponsoring the meeting? Banks and corporations! Who will benefit, banks and corporations.
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Bank Transfer Day: 650 000 to a 1 000 000  people transferred their bank accounts to credit unions for Bank Transfer Day to protest the inequality and corruption of our current banking systems.

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