Sep 27, 2011

Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline - Whitehouse Petition

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We petition the Obama administration to:

Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline Obama
No Keystone XL Pipeline Petition - Straight to the Whitehouse "petition" server... With a quick registration, we are the change. Simple sign up includes name, e-mail, town and zip code... postal codes work too!

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Public hearing on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline
there is a public hearing in Austin Texas tomorrow, September 28th
12pm – 8pm
University of Texas
Lady Bird Johnson Auditorium
2313 Red River Street
Austin, TX, 78705

List of scheduled country wide public hearings scheduled in the US.
DOS will hold a series of public meetings to solicit comments on the subject of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Monday Sept 26, 2011Monday September 26, 2011
Bob Bowers Civic Center
3401 Cultural Center Drive
Port Arthur, Texas 77642
4:30 pm – 10 pm
Kansas Expo Center
1 Expocenter Drive
Topeka, Kansas 66612
12 pm – 8 pm
Tuesday Sept 27, 2011Tuesday September 27, 2011
Dawson Community College
New Gym
(next to Toepke Auditorium)

300 Community Drive
Glendive, Montana 59330
4:30 pm – 10 pm
Pershing Center
226 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
12 pm – 8 pm
Wednesday Sept 28, 2011
University of Texas
Lady Bird Johnson Auditorium
2313 Red River Street
Austin, Texas 78705
12 pm – 8 pm
Thursday Sept 29, 2011Thursday September 29, 2011
Best Western Ramkota
920 West Sioux Avenue,
Pierre, South Dakota 57501
12 pm – 8 pm
West Holt High School (in the Sand Hills region)
1000 N. Main Street
Atkinson, Nebraska 68713
4:30 pm – 10 pm
Friday Sept 30, 2011
Reed Center Exhibition Hall
5800 Will Rogers Road
Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110
4:30 pm – 10 pm

More Rallies Protests Planned:
The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing and has
expanded to cover other cities, such as Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, with numerous protests scheduled for other cities, such as Sarasota, FL, Washington DC, Lexington, Kentucky and San Francisco, California.

Occupy Washington, D.C. begins on October 6, 2011. stands with super majorities of Americans on seven key issues:
  • Tax the rich and corporations
  • End the wars, bring the troops home, cut military spending
  • Protect the social safety net, strengthen Social Security and improved Medicare for all
  • End corporate welfare for oil companies and other big business interests
  • Transition to a clean energy economy, reverse environmental degradation
  • Protect worker rights including collective bargaining, create jobs and raise wages
  • Get money out of politics

Say NO to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Be the Change!

No Keystone XL Pipeline Rally - Protest November 6th 2011
"On Sunday November 6 we will return to Washington. Exactly one year before the election, we want to encircle the whole White House in an act of solemn protest."..."We’re not expecting any arrests at this action, but we are expecting to send an unmistakable, unavoidable message."
When we can't trust our Son of an Oil Baron "leader" harper with our rights and civil liberties people rise above the rhetoric and bring this tyrants agenda to light.  
We are the change. 
Please see my earlier blogs for public forum dates, petitions, videos and statistics regarding the proposed catastrophy called the Keystone XL / TrandCanada Pipeline.
Pipe dreams?
Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost

by the Construction of Keystone XL
a report by Cornell University Global Labor Institute
" ....based on the publicly available data—that the construction of KXL will create far fewer jobs in the US than its proponents have claimed and may actually destroy more jobs than it generates." 

Sep 25, 2011


After a long silence, finally beyond the propaganda and spin, the truth is being heard, undeniably.
Thank you to all those who took action towards the Canadian / US atrocity called the Keystone XL TransCanada Pipelines.

117 arrests were made, all were released without charges. 

400 police for 300 protestors? Violence would only justify the tromping all over our civil liberties. We are above the violent oppressive intent of our government.


SEPT 26 2011.
Say No to the Keystone XL Pipeline. With 12 spills in 12 months, we must stop this disaster!!

Sign Petitions, Call your local representatives, Be the Change Now!
Please see blog below for 19 unique petitions, facts, figures and videos regarding the disaster called the Keystone XL Pipeline. Our future is at stake!
Join them on facebook:

CTV on the Keystone XL Pipeline... currently airs more spin and unfounded rhetoric on behalf of the oil tycoons.
Major Propaganda in the US - Keystone Spins the Media:
TransCanada is fighting back by saturating the Washington media market with ads contending the U.S. economy can't do without Keystone XL. The actual numbers are about 5000 jobs over 3 years! Is this justification for destroying our health and future of our children.